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Roofing Ventilation Pro Master

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Pro-Master Ridge Vent is manufactured using natural fibers that form a durable, long-lasting and cost effective product. Its unique design helps decrease cooling and heating costs and promotes healthy, breathable air.

While providing efficient, uniform ventilation of attic space, it allows 15.2 square inches of net free ventilation area per linear foot. It comes in 20' and 50' rolls and includes both hand and power nails for easy installation.

Features & Benefits

  • No maintenance or operating costs, eliminates unsightly fans and vents
  • Allows for air flow, deterring mould and mildew growth in the attic
  • Protects roof and shingles from damage due to excessive heat or condensation
  • Meets attic ventilation requirements of national building codes when properly installed in conjunction with soffit or eave vent
  • 40 year manufacturer's warranty