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Roofing Ventilation Acu Vent

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AccuVent™ Soffit Insulation Baffle is a 41" x 22" non-porous, 100% recycled PVC that allows 25.3 square inches of air flow into the attic - over twice that of foam. Its unique design allows insulation to cover the entire outer wall of the structure while keeping insulation from getting into the soffit. Its versatile perforated fit allows for one-step, labour saving installation in any roof pitch and truss application. AccuVent is designed for easy transport and storage in the warehouse or at the jobsite. Make sure you take advantage of this new product from Berger. 

Ventilation AccuVent™

Features & Benefits

  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing in less than five seconds
  • Prevents moisture absorption to deter mould growth
  • Easy installation with only six staples, no additional stuffing of fiberglass required