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Kick Diverters
Roofing Kick Diverters

Kick Diverters Picture

Designing roofs to prevent moisture infiltration is a builder's first line of defense in water management. Modern home inspection reports are showing that as much as 80% of water intrusions at roof-to-wall intersections are due to missing or incorrectly installed kick-out flashings. Until now, there was no cost-effective way to manufacture durable materials for dependable flashing.

Our Kick-Out Diverters truly meet the industry need for a consistent, quality approach to resolving moisture penetration. They come in two styles: moulded polypropylene and solid copper. Polypropylene diverters are available in four colours: brown, grey, tan and white.

Installation is easy, too. There is no need for field fabrication thus reducing labour costs. Its moulded design provides a durable, consistent, self-positioning part. When installed with vinyl, wood, or Hardiplank®, our diverters eliminate the overrun of water between the endcap and the siding that can cause water stains and mould.

Features & Benefits

  • Moulded from durable, industry-approved polypropylene copolymers with UV and heat stabilizers
  • Patented design creates downward and outward water flow away from walls
  • Help prevent water intrusion at roof-to-wall intersections
  • Install easily and work with all leading roofing and wall cladding systems — no field fabrication required
Kick Diverters Picture