You Can Do It: Mesh Gutter Guard Installation







A lot of good gutter guard systems are on the market today. Ranging from inexpensive vinyl or metal mesh to more pricey micro mesh on an extruded plastic frame, all gutter guards are relatively easy to install. Here’s how you can install the simple and effective co-polymer mesh product.



First, measure the length of the gutters around your house. Measure each run twice. Purchase the gutter guard system, and read all installation instructions before climbing to roof level.

Next, clean your gutter, removing all leaves and debris and rinsing gutters and downspouts with a garden house. Dispose of leaves as you normally would through municipal trash, composting or mulching.

Then, carry your lengths of mesh (usually two-foot long by six inches wide) up to roof level. Using the clips provided by the gutter guard manufacturer, clip one long edge to the front of the gutter and butt or slide the back edge of the mesh up against or under the roof shingles. Overlap the next length by about 1/2 inch. As you approach a corner, cut the mesh with a tin snips or utility knife. Inside corners should be mitered or angled so water and debris move away from the roof. Outside corners can simply be butted together.

Carefully work around the roof until all gutters are protected. Check your gutters each fall and spring. Clear away leaves and debris from the top of the gutter guard mesh. Lift the mesh, and wash out any gravel or small debris that may have collected in the gutters.

Many homeowners love these simple, but effective, gutter guards as they save labor, extend the life of your gutters and protect your home. Consult with your local home center on what gutter guards are best for you and how to install them. 



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