September: Back-to-School and Back-to-Yard Too


September isn’t just back to school month for the kids, it’s also time to get back to the yard for adults. While summer showers and sunny days are easy on your rainwater drainage systems, a mild to harsh September could usher in some drainage problems come Fall. The last thing you want is leaves stuck in your gutter or drain – much like the kids in school don’t want to get stuck in detention!

Great Home Tips to Prepare for Autumn Weather 

To avoid staying after class doing yard work this September, be prepared for any type of weather and get a head start today:

  • Clean those gutters now. Don’t wait for it to get a little bit cooler or for the leaves to start falling. Muck can clog up your gutters at any time, especially if your region has been rainy and then hot as the sun can bake up some homemade glue for you to take care of. Try to get to your gutters at least once or twice a month this Fall.
  • Trim around drainage systems. While you may have already thought about clipping some of the branches that hang over your roof and gutters (if you haven’t don’t just think about it, do it!), you probably didn’t think of the other drainage points in your yard. Check the drains in your yard and around the home for brush, bushes and other debris that could potentially cause clogs this Fall.
  • Upgrade your gutters. If your gutters are old and damaged (or if they just look like they were installed back when you were in school), it’s probably a good time for an upgrade. Micro-mesh filter gutters ensure that nothing but water enters your drainage system. This not only cuts down on stoppages but also you getting up there on a ladder this Fall and scooping leaves, bird nests and everything else out of the gutter!

In fact, if you haven’t been to the hardware store in a while, it’s a good idea to visit at the beginning of each new season just to see what new home products were released. Who knows, there’s probably something out there to fix each of your most despised chores around the house! So when you get out of detention this September, be sure to stop by your local home center store and find the solution to all your roof drainage system needs!


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