Floating Flowers? Steps to Prevent Flooded Beds

Your poor flowers are drowning in rainwater. The solution is pretty simple. You can have a professional install a drainage system, or you can even do it yourself. But first let’s take a look at the reasons your flowers are wet and the steps to preventing their beds from flooding.

Why are your flowers getting flooded?

Typically, water collects in a low lying area surrounded by higher ground. When it rains, water tends to collect in these lower areas. Your flowerbeds are most likely lower than the rest of the surrounding area causing water to flow right to them. Your downspout could also be sending gallons of rainwater directly into your flowerbeds.

How can you stop the flooding and prevent further problems?

The best way to keep your flowers safe from pooling water is by creating a drainage system. Basically, you want to keep water flowing away from flower beds and, of course, your home.

Note that this pooling is unhealthy for your lawn, plants and flowers. If left unfixed it can kill your yard. Also, a standing pool of water can attract mosquitoes and other pests, which is unhealthy for you as well.

What can you use?

FLEX-A-Spout is the perfect way to save those submerged flowers. It is easy to work with, comes in various colors, and is the most manageable drainage solution for pros or DIY. Here is how you set up a FLEX-A-Spout system:

  • Connect your new downspout adapter to the existing downspout.
  • Choose from the various interchangeable components and extensions.
  • Connect your FLEX-A-Spout with the easy snap-fit connections.
  • Attach extenders to make sure your rainwater is diverted away from your flowerbeds.

Other products and solutions for water drainage

Another product that can help with drainage problems is a catch basin or FLEX-Drain. When installing the basin grate, it is important that it’s setup below the surrounding area. If your property slopes down into your flowers, you can relocate them. Or create a dry creek bed. Besides improving landscape drainage, these features can really add to curb appeal.

By creating a proper drainage system within your yard you will help keep your lawn, plants, and flowers healthy. Remember drains should lead water away from your home. Amerimax has the products you need to protect your home and property from water damage. You can find all the supplies you will need for drainage issues at your nearest home center store or hardware store.


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