Easy Steps to Prevent Leaky Basements

While the heavy spring and summer rains may be great for nourishing your backyard garden, such benefits get swiftly forgotten when water begins gushing into your basement bedroom. A water-damaged basement can be damaging to your building’s infrastructure, your family’s health, and your pocketbook. Here are some easy steps to keep your home dry from the bottom to the top, and to prevent leaky basements from ruining your year.

Keep your gutters clean. Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can cause water to overflow their edges. This non-directed water can pool around your home’s foundation and leak into your basement. Regularly inspect your gutters for miscellaneous debris, and consider the installation of gutter protection to prevent build-ups.

Install downspout extensions. Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, install downspout extensions to where they regularly drain water. These extensions will direct collected water a minimum of ten feet away from your home’s foundation for enhanced water protection.

Change your home’s grade. Your home should have an ideal slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot for up to ten feet away from your house. This downward slope from your home helps water to naturally drain toward your landscaping and not your foundation. You can change your grade by adding soil and raking it smooth until it achieves a desirable height around your home’s perimeter.

Inspect your foundation for cracks. It’s advisable to routinely check your home’s foundation for any cracks as even cracks that seem minor can potentially lead to huge structural problems and leaky basements. You’ll want to immediately fix any visible cracks.

Check your basement’s caulking. Inspect the caulking around your basement’s windows and any penetrations caused by plumbing, electrical pipes, and the like. Any worn and cracked caulk and weather-stripping should be replaced. Note that most exterior caulking has a lifespan of under five years.

Keep your trees in check. Large shade trees with aggressive roots can damage your foundation and lead to leaky basements. They also can wreak havoc on your sewer pipelines, leading to nasty clogs and water that never seems to drain right. You’ll want to ensure trees are planted at least 10 to 20 feet away from your home. If you already have a beautiful maple tree that you don’t want to uproot, you can use special natural chemicals to deter root growth near your home’s foundation.

Visit your nearby home center to buy products that prevent basement leaks.  Rely on Amerimax products to move rainwater away from your home.


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