Easy Steps to Prevent Leaky Basements

While the heavy spring and summer rains may be great for nourishing your backyard garden, such benefits get swiftly forgotten when water begins gushing into your basement bedroom. A water-damaged basement can be damaging to your building’s infrastructure, your family’s health, and your pocketbook. Here are some easy steps to keep your home dry from the bottom to the top, and to prevent leaky basements from ruining your year.

Keep your gutters clean. Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can cause water to overflow their edges. This non-directed water can pool around your home’s foundation and leak into your basement. Regularly inspect your gutters for miscellaneous debris, and consider the installation of gutter protection to prevent build-ups.

Install downspout extensions. Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, install downspout extensions to where they regularly drain water. These extensions will direct collected water a minimum of ten feet away from your home’s foundation for enhanced water protection.

Watch our video series, which illustrates some downspout accessories that move rainwater away from your home.

Change your home’s grade. Your home should have an ideal slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot for up to ten feet away from your house. This downward slope from your home helps water to naturally drain toward your landscaping and not your foundation. You can change your grade by adding soil and raking it smooth until it achieves a desirable height around your home’s perimeter.

Inspect your foundation for cracks. It’s advisable to routinely check your home’s foundation for any cracks as even cracks that seem minor can potentially lead to huge structural problems and leaky basements. You’ll want to immediately fix any visible cracks.

Check your basement’s caulking. Inspect the caulking around your basement’s windows and any penetrations caused by plumbing, electrical pipes, and the like. Any worn and cracked caulk and weather-stripping should be replaced. Note that most exterior caulking has a lifespan of under five years.

Keep your trees in check. Large shade trees with aggressive roots can damage your foundation and lead to leaky basements. They also can wreak havoc on your sewer pipelines, leading to nasty clogs and water that never seems to drain right. You’ll want to ensure trees are planted at least 10 to 20 feet away from your home. If you already have a beautiful maple tree that you don’t want to uproot, you can use special natural chemicals to deter root growth near your home’s foundation.

Visit your nearby home center to buy products that prevent basement leaks.  Rely on Amerimax products to move rainwater away from your home.


It’s Going to Rain. Are Your Gutters Ready for the Downpour?


The weather service is estimating our average rainfall to be pretty much like it was last year, at least for the fall season. We all know fall means leaf raking time, but we also need to pay attention to our gutters. They will need to be cleaned and any repairs done. This is a job that even a novice do-it-yourselfer should be able to do with no problem. Home center stores are usually not far away in case you need any supplies or parts. You should also check out the blog for advice, that way you don’t even have to leave your home. Amerimax is the rainwater drainage expert.

Maybe you don’t have gutters and need to install them. Whether it’s for income properties you own or your private home, if you want to install gutters Amerimax can walk you through it. We can give you step-by step installation instructions for the various types of gutters systems, gutter protection, and rain diversion accessories we offer. The following are just a few of the products and directions you will find.

If you are a rental property owner you may want to contract the job to a professional. If this is the case, still take a look at By going over the directions and/or plans you will be aware of the parts and supplies the job will require.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or prefer a contractor to do it for you, was made for you. Be it scheduled maintenance, a repair because of rain or ice damage, wear and tear, let be your first step for gutter, downspouts, gutter protection and rainwater diversion product information. With Amerimax’s step-by-step how-to videos even someone who has never tried to do-it-yourself can do it. Read the directions, go to your local home improvement store for the supplies you will need and soon you will find that you get a real sense of accomplishment.


Floating Flowers? Steps to Prevent Flooded Beds

Your poor flowers are drowning in rainwater. The solution is pretty simple. You can have a professional install a drainage system, or you can even do it yourself. Let’s take a look at the reasons your flowers are wet and the steps to preventing their beds from flooding.p-flower-bed

Why are your flowers getting flooded?

Typically, water collects in a low lying area surrounded by higher ground. When it rains, water tends to collect in these lower areas. Your flowerbeds are most likely lower than the rest of the surrounding area causing water to flow right to them. Your downspout could also be sending gallons of rainwater directly into your flowerbeds.

How can you stop the flooding and prevent further problems?

The best way to keep your flowers safe from pooling water is by creating a drainage system. Basically, you want to keep water flowing away from flower beds and, of course, your home.

Note that this pooling is unhealthy for your lawn, your plants and the flowers. If left unfixed it can kill your yard. Also, a standing pool of water can attract mosquitoes and other pests, which is unhealthy for you as well.

What can you use?

FLEX-A-Spout is the perfect was to save those submerged flowers. It is easy to work with, comes in various colors, and is the most manageable drainage solution for the pros and even those “do-it-yourselfers.” Here is how you set up a FLEX-A-Spout system:

  • Connect your new downspout adapter to the existing downspout.
  • Choose from the various interchangeable components and extensions.
  • Connect your FLEX-A-Spout with the easy snap-fit connections.
  • Attach extenders to make sure your rainwater is diverted away from your flowerbeds.

Other products and solutions for water drainage

Another product that can help with drainage problems is a catch basin or FLEX-Drain. When installing the basin grate, it is important that it be flush with or slightly below the surrounding area.

If your property slopes down into your flowers, you can relocate them. Or create a dry creek bed. Besides improving landscape drainage, these features can really add to curb appeal.

By creating a proper drainage system within your yard you will help keep your lawn, plants, and flowers healthy. Remember drains should lead water away from your home. Amerimax has the products you need to protect your home and property from water damage. You can find all the supplies you will need for drainage issues at your nearest home center store or hardware store.



Marketer Becomes Company Customer– and Meets Other Happy Customer

During a recent rainstorm, I arrived to my new home to see my husband digging furiously in the puddles of mud as our home’s foundation. I was amused because I knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix the soggy, wet foundation and prevent a leaky basement. I also knew my hubby was thinking, “My wife works for a gutter company, why am I doing this?” You see, I’m the marketing director at Euramax International, and one of our divisions is Amerimax Home Products, manufacturers of rain-carrying products including drainage, gutters and gutter accessories.

Watch our video that demonstrates products that move rainwater away from your foundation.

Watch Amerimax videos that demonstrate products that move rainwater away from your foundation.


I went straight to our website, reviewed some instructional videos, and then headed for my local The Home Depot to pick up some downspout extenders. While shopping in the gutter aisle, I met Lisa, who spontaneously began sharing her experience with Amerimax Home products. We both laughed when I blurted out, “I work there!”

Here’s her story:

“A former tenant neglected cleaning gutters for several years, causing the crawl space of my rental house to seriously flood. After a hard rain, all you could see was a lake of water, threatening the furnace and air conditioning units. Even after the gutters were cleaned, the flooding continued. Trying to avoid the expensive services of a waterproofing company, I purchased four Amerimax FLEX-A-Spouts. They allowed me to bend, shape, and extend around corners and landscape to safely divert water away from the home’s foundation. I’m very happy to report the crawl space doesn’t flood anymore, and the house is ready for new tenants. 

Unable to count on future tenants to clean gutters, I also purchased Amerimax Snap-on gutter shields,as an additional defense from future flooding. I couldn’t ask for better products that are so affordable and this easy to use. They are a snap to install, literally. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you Amerimax!”

Lisa C.

I was proud to hear such a sincere and glowing review. When you work for a good company and represent its products on a daily basis, hearing impromptu testimonials like this validates all your hard work.

I made my own gutter accessories purchase, went home and followed the installation instructions. The rainwater now flows out away from my house too!


Daisy Lilley

Director of Communication & PR