It’s Going to Rain. Are Your Gutters Ready for the Downpour?


The weather service is estimating our average rainfall to be pretty much like it was last year, at least for the fall season. We all know fall means leaf raking time, but we also need to pay attention to our gutters. They will need to be cleaned and any repairs done. This is a job that even a novice do-it-yourselfer should be able to do with no problem. Home center stores are usually not far away in case you need any supplies or parts. You should also check out the blog for advice, that way you don’t even have to leave your home. Amerimax is the rainwater drainage expert.

Maybe you don’t have gutters and need to install them. Whether it’s for income properties you own or your private home, if you want to install gutters Amerimax can walk you through it. We can give you step-by step installation instructions for the various types of gutters systems, gutter protection, and rain diversion accessories we offer. The following are just a few of the products and directions you will find.

If you are a rental property owner you may want to contract the job to a professional. If this is the case, still take a look at By going over the directions and/or plans you will be aware of the parts and supplies the job will require.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or prefer a contractor to do it for you, was made for you. Be it scheduled maintenance, a repair because of rain or ice damage, wear and tear, let be your first step for gutter, downspouts, gutter protection and rainwater diversion product information. With Amerimax’s step-by-step how-to videos even someone who has never tried to do-it-yourself can do it. Read the directions, go to your local home improvement store for the supplies you will need and soon you will find that you get a real sense of accomplishment.


You Can Do It: Mesh Gutter Guard Installation

If you are sure-footed enough to put a ladder to your house and climb to gutter level, you can install gutter guards. Gutter guards keep most all the pesky tree debris and leaves out of your gutters and allow rainwater to flow freely through your home’s downspouts, away from your roof shingles, siding and foundation. Spring and fall cleaning become much easier.

Many good gutter guard systems are on the market today. Ranging from inexpensive vinyl or metal mesh to more pricey micro mesh on an extruded plastic frame, all gutter guards are relatively easy to install.  Here’s how you can install the simple and effective co-polymer mesh product.


First, measure the length of the gutters around your house. Measure each run twice. Purchase the gutter guard system, and read all installation instructions before climbing to roof level.

Next, clean your gutter, removing all leaves and debris and rinsing gutters and downspouts with a garden house. Dispose of leaves as you normally would through municipal trash, composting or mulching.

Then, carry your lengths of mesh (usually two-foot long by six inches wide) up to roof level. Using the clips provided by the gutter guard manufacturer, clip one long edge to the front of the gutter and butt or slide the back edge of the mesh up against or under the roof shingles. Overlap the next length by about 1/2 inch. As you approach a corner, cut the mesh with a tin snips or utility knife. Inside corners should be mitered or angled so water and debris move away from the roof. Outside corners can simply be butted together.

Carefully work around the roof until all gutters are protected. Check your gutters each fall and spring. Clear away leaves and debris from the top of the gutter guard mesh. Lift the mesh, and wash out any gravel or small debris that may have collected in the gutters.

Many homeowners love these simple, but effective, gutter guards as they save labor, extend the life of your gutters and protect your home. Consult with your local home center on what gutter guards are best for you and how to install them.

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Got Debris? Protect Your Gutters

A fall tradition - cleaning the gutters of leaves. Here, we see them clogging the gutters of a traditional home. Could be used for advertising/clean up articles/etc. Narrow DOF

A fall tradition – cleaning the gutters of leaves. Here, we see them clogging the gutters of a traditional home.

Each winter and spring, do your rain gutters require hours and hours of attention to remove all the debris caught in them? Taking care of the problem can be tedious, but ignoring it can be disastrous.

Rain gutters protect a home from rainwater damage. Made of troughs to collect the runoff of rain, they channel the water to the ground and away from the foundation of the house. Open gutters are the most common, but they lack protection from collecting every leaf or pine needle from trees located near your home or the cute little critters building nests and raising havoc.

Clogged Gutter Issues

Debris will clog the gutters and cause serious damage. Not only does it inhibit water flow, it can pile with enough weight to pull the gutter system away from the house, damage to the roof occurs when shingles lift and crack. As an added bonus, debris also becomes a fire hazard in dry weather.

If you are a new homeowner, to understand whether or not an extra system is needed to protect your gutters from debris buildup, walk outside and stand in the yard. Allow your gaze to wander above and near your roof. Are there trees overhanging? Will the wind carry leaves, pine needles, pine cones or acorns to the roof where they will land in the gutter from rain falling?

There are numerous brands of gutters that proclaim they are the best when it comes to reducing or eliminating clogging. Some require installation by professionals. Not only is the cost of the gutter system often beyond the reach of the average homeowner, the installation costs can be astronomical. Look to Consumer Reports for the best performing gutter systems for do-it-yourselfers.

Gutter Protection

There are some systems that not only are affordable, but can also be installed yourself. As is often the case to difficult and overwhelming problems, this is a simple fix.

You see, with the addition of screens,  you can still use your current gutter system. The screens, often made from plastic or aluminum, are added by merely clipping them on, or attaching them with screws. Amerimax has a complete line of gutter protection that will fit your needs.

So, instead of spending a day or two cleaning the gutters every couple of months, a one-time investment of pocket change and a few hours will greatly reduce the maintenance needs of your rain gutter system. Visit your nearest home improvement center and get started on getting rid of that gutter debris.  Ask for Amerimax.

Now, what will you do with all that extra time on your hands?!?

Look for our featured product, the Snap-In Filter in most home center stores in September for the Fall home improvement push.