Gutter and Downspout Accessories

Products to fix your unique rainwater issues

Often, the gutter system does not end with gutters and downspouts. You may require accessories to help alleviate particular roof water runoff problems.  We offer a large selection of gutter and downspout accessories that help eliminate the problem of foundation damage caused by rainwater runoff.

Other items include; Catch-a-Raindrop™ a rainwater harvesting colander, Strainers to ensure downspouts remain unclogged and Splash Blocks to prevent garden and foundation erosion.


Gusher Guard

-Prevents fast flowing rainwater from gushing over your gutter corner
-Diverts the overflow from inside roof corner valleys to the gutter system
-Attach to front top lip of gutter where overflows occur
-Requires screw or rivet attachment



The Harvesting Rainwater Colander

-Collect the rainfall from your rooftop
-Filter any large or coarse debris from the downspout
-Store the rain in barrels or connect to hose for directly watering plants
-Reuse the rain to water houseplants, gardens, and landscape, or wash cars

Installation instructions


 rodent guard  


Rodent Guard

-Attaches to the downspout to prevent rodents and other pests from climbing up the downspout and into gutters and entering the attic
-Made of ultra-tough molded Polycarbonate that won’t rust or discolor from sun or chemicals
-Easy to install and easy to clean
-Available in 2″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″ sizes




Splash Blocks

-Disperses rainwater at the bottom of the downspout to prevent it from seeping into the foundation
-Stops erosion of lawn and garden
-Made of ultra-tough, easy to clean Polycarbonate that won’t rust or discolor from sun or chemicals
-Available in assorted colors to blend in with any landscape scheme


 dripper flipper  


Dripper Flipper Downspout Extension

-Directs runoff away from the foundation to help protect from water damage and foundation erosion
-Features a hinged-cup design for ease of movement during mowing
-Plastic construction for use with metal and vinyl gutter systems
-Compatible with 2″ and 3″ downspouts and elbows


super scoop  


Super Scoop

Multi Purpose Scoop

-Helps keep your gutters working properly by easily removing gutter debris
-Made of durable plastic resin for long life and easy cleaning
-Safe for use with vinyl or metal gutter systems
-Multi-use scooper may be used as a pet scoop, a lawn care scoop or a salt scoop for driveways and walkways


 gutter wedge  


 Gutter Wedge

-Fascia fixer to do away with sagging gutters
-Use when fascia board or roof truss is slanted or sloped
-Compatible with 5″ or 6″ gutter systems



 flex elbow  


Flex Elbow

-Use this durable plastic elbow to connect the gutter or drainpipe to the downspout and direct runoff away from your home
-Eliminates the need to join two elbows resulting in less work and a faster solution
-Features a flexible design that easily bends and holds its shape, expanding from 8″ to 18″
-Compatible with aluminum, steel or vinyl gutter systems
-Fits 2″ x 3″ downspouts and 4″ and 5″ gutters


 clip up diverter  


Clip Up Diverter Kit

-Durable vinyl downspout extension that helps divert rainwater away from your foundation and over the garden or yard to help prevent erosion and damage
-The virtually maintenance-free extension lifts and clips up for easier yard work
-Easy to install and easy to clean
-For use with vinyl or metal 2″ x 3″ downspouts