Make Hay While the Sun Shines – Fall Maintenance

broken-gutterWhoever said that an ounce of maintenance is more precious than a pound of cure wasn’t kidding! All home maintenance bills are exponentially less than the cost even one emergency repair. A checklist is worth its weight in gold.

We would like to touch on some basics. Please note this list is not all-inclusive, as each home maintenance task has its own unique items.


Take a stroll around the house and look closely at the sides. If the paint has begun peeling, it causes more than an eye sore. The wood beneath it can quickly begin to deteriorate, causing a mess and huge repair bills. If there are just a few spots that need covering, take a piece of the shedding paint to the hardware store, and match it. No need to cover the whole wall for a couple of spots.

Power Washing

Some days just beg for water play! Warm days are a great time to power wash the side of the house. Be careful:  the full setting can remove paint, punch holes in siding and even separate your toe from your foot.


Remove all the junk from your garage. Get the kids together, because they probably helped make the mess in the first place! It can be overwhelming for one person. Gather stuff you don’t want but still has life and schedule a yard sale or pick-up for donations. Wow, a car can fit in here!


Look at the gutters from above, below and the side. Have they begun to:

  • accumulate debris
  • sag along the length
  • separate along the length or water spouts
  • rust through

Consider protections for the gutters, as they greatly reduce maintenance and failures to the whole system, saving you money! Take a look at Amerimax’s full line of gutter protection.


  • Check air filters every two months. Clogged filters are the most common reason for HVAC failure, costing the homeowner thousands.
  • Remove debris around the fan unit (outside).
  • Consider a service call for checking the rest; get a few estimates and aim for the middle.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide / Radon / Natural Gas Detectors

Batteries! Cooler weather means closed windows. Keep you and your family safe from harmful gases.

For more fall maintenance ideas or getting more depth on the ones above, contact your nearest home center.


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